Dr Marika Ojala-Fineland:

A short message from our Executive Director

I am so proud of all that the International Alliance against State Kidnapping and Hostage-taking (HAlliance) has accomplished since 2019. Hard team-work and colleagues’ dedication are truly appreciated. Keep up the good labour and prepare our leaders and people to face the future and stay ahead in a fast-changing world-arena. This is a key moment in our history, as the whole humanity is dealing with significant uncertainty. Throughout my career, I have always placed great importance on team-work and I feel very privileged to be welcoming you as the Executive Director to join us and to play a pivotal role in solving the hardest global issue as a responsible member of worldwide community. I believe that success comes from a restless unity and collective focus on innovative endeavour in a responsible manner. I am confident that with your help and daily leadership, we will solve the various state-sponsored problems in front of us. I would like also to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support.